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About Ancient Astronauts®

Five of your fellow Unsolved Mystery Club® explorers have disappeared while searching for evidence of Ancient Astronauts®. Join the Unsolved Mystery Club® in the hunt for the missing explorers and unlock ancient secrets of the past. Explore exotic locations around the world and uncover artifacts supporting the existence of visitors from other worlds. Solve puzzles, master perplexing mini-games, and collect artifacts as you gather evidence to answer this question: Who are the Ancient Astronauts®?

Evidence of Ancient Astronauts®

MALI, AFRICA: The Dogon people of Africa have knowledge of the stars that baffles scientists. Without the aid of telescopes, the Dogons know a lesser star circles the larger Sirius Star every 60 years. For centuries, the Dogons have marked the completion of the orbit with their 60 Year Celebration. One young Dogon male is responsible for learning the dance and teaching it to other tribesman 60 years later. How did the Dogon find out about the stars? From the Nommo, a fishlike creature they believe visited earth thousands of years ago. The Dogon say that the Nommo are alive today, inhabiting an invisible star in the Sirius star system. Scientists have only recently confirmed that there is, in fact, a third dwarf star near Sirius A and Sirius B. How did the Dogon know this star existed?

GIZA, EGYPT: The Ancient Egyptians were one of the most advanced civilizations ever to live on this planet. They harnessed electricity with batteries and lightbulbs. They were master builders, constructing the pyramids with unmatched precision. In fact, the three largest pyramids of the Giza complex are aligned exactly with the three middle stars of the constellation Orion. How did the Egyptians know to align the pyramids with the stars without high powered telescopes or modern scientific knowledge? Did they receive blueprints written from the sky? Or perhaps they simply had more brain power than we do today. Some of the Egyptian kings, like Akhenaten, had elongated skulls. If these ancient Pharaohs could speak, what would they tell us about the source of their knowledge?

PALENQUE, MEXICO: Deep in the tropical rainforest of Palenque, lie the remnants of a mysterious Mayan leader and the culture he inspired. At the young age of 12, Pacal the Great ascended to the throne and led his people through 68 years of unprecedented construction and invention. Like the Egyptians, the Mayans built pyramids, temples and other art edifices with amazing precision and skill. Then, suddenly the entire civilization disappeared. Where did Pacal the Great get his knowledge? Did Pacal commission pottery depicting "astronauts" because he had first-hand experience with space travelers? And who was Quetzalcoatl, the great white god who descended from the sky? Maybe we'll never know the answers to these great mysteries. Or perhaps Pacal has left us a clue on his sarcophagus.

NAZCA, PERU: Centuries before the Wright brothers took to the air, flying machines existed on the plains of Nazca, Peru. Dozens of mountain tops in this area have been flattened. Were they ancient runways? The pattern and length of these areas suggest that they were used for landing large aircraft. When sand burns, the result is a crystallized glass-like substance, which has been found in abundance on these ancient runways. Heat from high powered engines? Golden statues of mysterious origin have been discovered. No flying bird or mammal has a vertical stabilizer, which suggests these are models of ancient flying machines. Perhaps the most mystifying discovery of all is the Nazca Lines. Only visible from the sky, dozens of huge 'glyphs' of various creatures and symbols surround this area. Did they provide important navigational instructions to pilots of flying machines who landed on the Nazca runways?

NEW SWABIA, ANTARCTICA: If you were going to build a secret research facility, what better location than the most remote and isolated continent on the globe? Not long after World War I ended, some believe the German government, under the direction of the SS, began building top secret compounds in Antarctica. There are several historical facts that support this theory. First, Nazi Germany claimed the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica and sent an expedition there in 1938. Why Antarctica, an unpopulated territory? Second, German scientists conducted research into advanced propulsion technology, including flying wing aircraft and experimental circular winged aircraft. Third, the Allied forces documented many UFO sightings during World War II. There were so many, they named these strange aircrafts foo fighters. Fourth, these UFOs were capable of electromagnetic disruption; a technology similar to today's electromagnetic pulse or EMP weapons. How did Nazi Germany acquire such advanced technology? Why did they expend so much effort in securing and defending the Antarctica territory?

TIWANAKU, BOLIVIA: The inhabitants of the mysterious city of Tiwanaku left no written record. We only have man-made structures and geological evidence to form theories. The ruins of the ancient Tiwanaku lie near the southeastern shore of Lake Titicaca. At an altitude of almost 13,000 feet, it is one of the highest ancient cities in world. There is evidence to support that Tiwanaku was once a port, which means that people lived here when the continent of South America was partially submerged. Tiwanaku's buildings were constructed of massive finished stones, many tons in weight, with the nearest quarry of the stone located more than 50 miles away. The stones were carved and placed in such a manner that only a people with advanced engineering methods could have designed and transported them. How were these stones transported in ancient times before the invention of modern machinery? Were the people of Tiwanaku hiding a secret the world has yet to uncover?


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